Pretend not

So now that you vote for the smart alternatitive guaranteed to make bad disappear and to make enlightened democracy the order of the day …. We all feel better and know that we had the choice to build a better society peopled by more better thinkers and saps.

The fire and ice will be done and the descent into the dregs of human endeavor will continue.

Heroes will not emerge.

Guts will not show themselves.

Character and deliberation will continue to be frowned upon.

False issues built on false premise will continue to suck up all available air.

Ignorant dolts will seize upon discord and unease as they have always done to wrather the rabble and look for good avenues of hate and prime paths to power and the whip hand.

Civilization and its discontents will be left to hand wringers and yelpers with no fight and the world will be made safe for more and more stools and tools and fools.

The forearm shiv and the steel booted stomp will always rule the day.

Pretend not.

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