Vote for access to the stink hole

Outside of the freedom to be a limited tool of power brokers as opposed to one pushed just short of the subsistence levels that push encumbered masses to the streets what are the voting requisites for the great unwashed?

Are we voting for access to power?  Are we voting for the knowledge of what possibly to do with power?  Are we voting for freedom from dead brain cell disease?  Or are we voting for the the emptiness of false premise, promise, pride?

The government will either steal you blind or throw away or give away your money.  The private sector will either make you wage slaves or use you as fodder to prop up their egalitarian dreams.  Profits are for profits.  Where they don’t go others will.  Jobs are the necessary evil.  Private enterprise the necessary driver of civilization.  All great things are built on mountains of stink holes.

Stink holes need tilling.  They smell a hell of a lot worse when the whole thing rots from thew bottom.

Vote for access to the stink hole.

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