This election is just about who can hate more

They gonna tell you anything they want and they gonna tell ya anything that that you want them to tell ya.  They gonna preach and preen and jig and dance and they gonna smile and smirk and turn tricks and play nice.

They gonna play mean and low and kick you upside the head.

They gonna be the dumb saps they are.  They gonna be the bought saps they be.  They gonna be the angels and demons and beggars and queens of their hearts and calling.  They gonna be paragons and creeps and agitators and fops.  They gonna be flops and sops and cops and mopped up dirt.  They gonna be heaven on earth and star sent and hell bent.  They gonna be your ever lovin love and support.

They gonna pray.  They gonna play.  They gonna wrap themselves in the flag.  They gonna wrap themselves in the nest of a patriotic swamp.  They gonna be stern and serious and whimpering and resentful.  The gonna be full of many things and they gonna spill over and foul your nest and beat your dog.

They gonna be for the flood of good and the merchants of hate.

This election is just about who can hate more.

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