It is a special breed of cat that is so wonderful

Politics goes on.  Idiocy goes on.  Nothing no how, no way, no nothing can stop the furtive onslaught of the marching cretins and the dancing dim.

They will pause.  They will take a moment to speak words that have no lasting effect or meaning.  They will maximize positions when and where they can.  They will be feral.  They will be toxic.  They will put their beat foot forward to do what it take to win the game of pays and plays that is our searing politics of today ….. that happy war by other means ….. until appropriate means is on the table.

Flights for flights sake.  Dives for dives sake.  Wins for wins sake.  Power for powers sake.  Fights for fights sake. Issues for blood and guts.

There will be bacteria.  They will be a viral push towards the disease of the rotting soul.  There will be the scourge of the culture, the laughing stock of sense and sensibility, the laughing stock of the ordered mind .

They will charge on and contribute nothing to general welfare or the common good.

It is a special breed of cat that is so wonderful.

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