Dominance Games / Politics: The basic economics of public discourse

Dominance Games / Politics

Since we get thrills and chills and ever lasting joy out of celebrating the most luxurious of people, the most luxurious of traits, the most sophisticated and civilized tracts of babbling, gawking characters is it no wonder that we have in hand a seminal,heart tugging  political class that is, neigh,  under no pressure what so ever to be or say anything charming, wise, substantial, solid, smart, wary, insightful, knowing.  The tides of wisdom itself are a complete non starters reflected in life only in happy little fortune cookies, comic books reflecting the intellectual heights of cultural attainment, said comic books said heroes, babbling sycophants.

The basic economics of public discourse, public folly, public policy, public ruin demands fidelity and slavishness to those vile laws of supply and demand, those vile laws of create for the suckers what they will be facile, dim enough to embrace and to buy.  What products can stand up against the complete resistance and total ridicule embracing the culturally irrelevant?

Products of not the mocking, slothful, gluttonous, prideful, lustful, venomous or envious varieties are weak products without needed edge, flying constituencies, sinful purpose, glittering acceptability, happy indecency.  Products not of the mocking, slothful, gluttonous, prideful, lustful, venomous or envious varieties are products without soul.

The warms hearts of value go always to those who steal, intimidate, puncture dreams. The arrogant, the killers, the maimers, the selfish, the breakers, the indigent, the owners, the slobs ,,… we value the musty spirits of shining scams and past ruse.  The political eaters knows from what to take a cue.  There is bad meal for the hogs in the pen …. no unsettling stomach or consequences for eating the public’s demands …… and regurgitating them always in public.

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Dominance Games / Politics…..politics, news, commentary, analysis…. The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…. the thrill…



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