Dominance Games / Politics: The soul of the American public.

Dominance Games / Politics

So we have the fight for the soul of the American public.  We have those lacking compassion.  We have those awash with it.  We have those understanding the trials and conflicts of production and those who appreciate not the efforts of innovation, management, survival.  We have those who see the old evils of unbridled laissez – faire capitalism and those who do not.   It is always the old conflicts.  What does capitalism owe to labor….what does labor owe to capitalism?  Is labor an endless pool to be eternally abused as an endless glut on the market?  Is capital an endless evil trying to navigate the bitter fields of production, efficiency, competition, vulnerabilities in markets and systems?

The age old fight between the individual and the collective……the fodder of the collective versus the soul of the individual.  Where today is the the acceptable line drawn?  Do we not factor in the line at all?  Stifle the human spirit and the society is dead.  Stifle the living prospects of the general populace and the society is rancid.  Capital creates capital….that is its purpose……all other grand benefits are off shoots not aims.   Labor creates survival……too much a drag on production and nimbleness can kill the goose….Disrespect for either of the two, the fat cats, the greedy parasites and ugly is the world.

The many mealy mouthed babblers, cons, charlatans, fools and worthless scoundrels wrapping themselves in the flag that is the last refuge of scoundrels all claim to speak for the American public when the American public can’t even speak for itself.  We don’t know what the hell we stand for……we’re too damned put upon, intimidated used, abused, manipulated and sapped to care.  A soul requires soul searching.  Soul searching requires contemplation, thought, quiet.  Quiet requires that the whole damned political world shut up.

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