Election special

Romney is Tess Trueheart.

Obama. the fox who ate the cannery.

The right wing talkers, the ghosts of lay preachers past.

The left wing gawkers.  The shields of Demosthenes.

All economic miracle workers. The powers of anal analysis.

The whiners, the criers, the deniers, the clowns.  A mirror for us all.

The red meat and pink cliches …. something to drink about.

War and peace:  Canon fodder and cheap labor.  The business of state.

The bum’s rush and the sands of time.  The smoked sausage of false premise.

The right to vote.  A nice pastoral picture.

The roll of Government.  Hurt thine enemies.

The will of the people.  To love the world they’re in.

Protect us all from those who would be king.

Find them.

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