… on the authoritarian Mr. Punk in the White House ….

… on the authoritarian Mr. Punk in the White House ….

… on the authoritarian Mr. Punk in the White House ….. sorry, but you all are just getting played and played … you act as though there are real issues involved in the day to day circus of our dreams ….  As they say, any day ending in a y will present a darling menu of issues from which to choose, real or imagined …the authoritarian Mr Punk is only about being the authoritarian Mr Punk and the issues at hand are chosen just as tools in the process …. There are no issues save for the authoritarian Mr. Punk and his continuous drive to be the authoritarian sun king… so, a never ending stream of games with all us idiot dupes pretending that they’re real while he plays for our souls and we play to be “responsible” actors in a black farce … poor us … the thought just too damn simple to be true, just too damn absurd to be real ….  A bunch of suckers we … Just a thought from a bum

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