The good ones don’t fight that way

The good ones don’t fight that way

Confront the bum, the bully, the street fighter holding weapons, will, lack of scruples, scum.  Kick him in the teeth.  Give him a good forearm shiver to the head, spanking him nicely, Nullify persona, void his soul.  Sing to thethe empties, the rancids, the thrilling autoerotic bile.  Oh, the thrills of the self eroticism.

Smack him, stack him, wound him, make him beg for mercy.  Tough and sure, humble and demure.  Force with force.  Rancid pits with rancid pits.  Target the targetable.  Do what works.

Tired of living.  Feared of dying.  Feared of fighting.  Tired of losing.  The image and the label. the brand. the circus, the name, the power …. neutered, empty, shot, in disgrace.

The good ones don’t fight that way.

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