Man is a rabid beast.

Man is a rabid beast. 

The authoritarian right.  The authoritarian left.  The authoritarian holies of all types and stripes.  The magisterial possessors of the word, the path, the right, the sun of being, the manna from heaven that springs.  All hearts and souls.

Man is a rabid beast.  He is strong, encroaching, feral, full of vim, encased with vigor.  Man is a rabid beast full of fire and ice, passion and pain, hatred and envy.  He kills well and he subjugates well his chosen subjects.  Man can own, can break, can kill, can demean, destroy, covet and whisper. Man is a rabid beast, with sword and message to support him as he sees fit.  The swords of sin, the messages of fire.

Man is a rabid authoritarian beast who can in wily ways find venues of convenience and necessity to use as channels for his lightening.  Laws and righteousness enforceable by the death of the soul, by cold barren death.  The equation.

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