Self evident truths

Self evident truths

Takers.  Makers.  Givers.  Shakers.

Holders.  Hostages.  Witherers on the vine.

Rabble.  Scrabble.  Hard scrabble.  Toughs.

Killers.  Proprietors.  Landlords.  Bums.

Seekers.  Rich men.  Poor men.  Thieves.

Holier than though.  Holier than all.  Holier than holy.  Keepers of the score.

Rabble rousers.  Mobs.  Shotgun justice.  Knives in the back.

Owners.  Breeders.  Coffin makers.

Players.  Breyers.  Preyers.  Sneerers.

Private armies.  Clubs.  Chaos in the streets.

Winners.  Losers.  Stooges.  Phantoms.

Justice.  Injustice.  Self preservation.  Order.

Disorder.  Law.  Poverty.  Deprivation.  Feast.  Famine.

Self evident truths.  Survival.  The social contract is a wondrous thing.

Enforced by rote.  Enforced by fear.  Enforced by compliance.  Enforced by the whip hand.

Fight.  Parry.  Kill.  Die.  Power to the powerful.  Power to the down trodden.  Power to the mob.  Power to the people.

State energy and resource in force.  State energy and resource in forcing compliance.

Fare deal.  Square deal.  No deal.  Revolution.

Nobody gets but dead and done if the contract is but a dream, a nightmare, a fragment of a lesser god.

It is enforced by those who can enforce it if those who can’t are dumb and foolish and lame and halt.

As we are.

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