Tired of godless socialists

Tired of godless socialists.  Tired of mushy moderates and weak kneed bleeding hearts.  Tired of know it all elites who at least believe in learning, discussion, rationality and discourse.  Tired of all of the knee jerk devils that seem to get automatic currency in this the age of dumb and dumber, adolescence as a high water mark.

Tired of the scopes of the human mind and the human heart walled off from examination by poor put upon haters who know bad secular brazen degenerates when they see them.  Tired of pots calling kettles without pots being labeled worse.

How about fascistic theocratic enforcers and intimidaters for laws of liking.  Deniers and resisters of laws rejected.  Night riders free to take on an enemy government.  My way or the highway when my strength is up and my aim is true.  Enemies … I know who and where you are.  Freedom for me to be free to do with you as I wish.

Lets all play house together.

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