Statistics, Damned Statistics. Damned Lies

One could be a long time follower of the deceptive crafts, a long time lover of the  of parochial crafts of the political operative.  One can be a long time follower of all of the stars of all of the games, all of the felons of all of the games.  The ribald, the antiquated, those with the endearing mouths full of fun and fancy, gibberish and noise …these make me proud.   The grand and the intense, the frolicsome and the tedious, the major harmonies and bittersweet songs of the eminently sincere….these make me weep.  The lure of  a molten train wreck……the stuff of legend and the lifeblood of the passing scene.

Statistics, Damned statistics, damned lies.  The godly rational saints give us all gusto and purpose.

Two examples of the world as it is lived.

Lynnell Hancock   Columbia Journalism Review

From The Economist

It takes a lot to be sure of a lot.


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