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Politics / Dominance Games: Revolution….The facts of livable survival. The fools errand of the naive

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We can best be protected from extreme evil in the political sphere by spreading around power as much as possible.  The philosopher king or the wise council of elders may be, in their pure forms, the most admirable and efficient forms of governance.  They may bring the best of virtue, vision, majesty, bearing and trust.  These forms may be the abject model of all seekers of wisdom and truth, all seekers of greater, better existence for greater, better political entities, systems, states, facts.  Wisdom and virtue flow undiluted, unfragmented from implementer.  Implementation is a dream..

Virtues  in these epochs of rule are great but as it is with all such things the templates always seem to have equal and opposite flip sides.  The greater good is matched by the greater evil and in real terms governance is best served when as a staunch representative of protection from harm.  The positive is as a bonus…an unexpected bonus of maturity and purpose, reflection and wisdom…that which when it comes… survives…leaves hope.

This is as close to safety we can come to in a world dependent upon the rational and irrational hates and passions of the bubbling classes.  Passion has its virtues…and its price.

In these aspects and respects…we crave our loved version of mass influence…our republic…our democracy.  All done well, good may prosper, right may flourish, balance may be achieved.  All done not so well…most of the mob survives the long knives, the hounds, the wolves, the cuts and the destruction.

Politics is kick ass and dangerous, armed and dangerous, dangerous and dangerous.  Grateful we are for what we see as the limits to the mass dangers we face, in the forms of the base outcomes we can endure.  We bless the phlegmatic, the powerless, the resigned and the the facts of livable survival.  Seeking the better and the good is always the fools errand of the naive known to the knowing and the wise.

Thanassis Canbamis   The Atlantic

Matt Mahurin   Politico

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Dominance Games: Dominance Games: Prior to sinking the ships of state

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For viewing pleasure there are always the perfect villains and perfect fools of the corridors of power using the levers that they hold in order to work things out in ways workable.  Checks and balances work in so far as there is the ability to execute.  Laws, after all, are just means to direct the execution of the power of the state.  With the governed increasingly unwilling to abide by the sanctions of the state directions lead to one of two outcomes.  Either a tightening of force or the grip of the powerful or the fragmentation of power without cohesive structure or finely tuned apparatus to enforce unknowable rules and standards.

The games may be different in different places and systems but the principle is the same.  No agreement on an umbrella political structure gives way to the savageries of power plays and power grabs.  Corruption is not corruption.  It becomes the order of disorder with, in the extremes , the order of death.

Fragmented views of society are wished for by those in opposition to the order that is.  Push too far and hoped for new orders become no order what so ever.  Allegiances to cohesion are hard allegiances when corrupting power wanes out of control.  Allegiances to fraction and divisiveness are not attractive measures when they invite  a broken world without recourse to fixing.  A non lethal state can be mended best from within.  A lethal state invites the danger of getting better or worse.

Firebrands would do well to judge the level of real toxicity prior to sinking their ships of state.  Puzzlers ponder answers, define not questions.  The powers of those in the catbirds seat always trump rage and rant.

The self interest of the fears and cries of the put upon is dear.  Perceptions  are often eternally skewed.  Perceptions of power bases are often eternally skewed.  Readings of power bases are often eternally flawed.

In the rush to build government, the rush to build equity, firmness grabs often by the  short hairs.  Whom gets whom by them, the short hairs? The world is the world of unintended consequence.  Who rages for these, the unintended consequence?  Those who risk too much for too little or those who risk too little for too much.  Lasting fancy and gifts from the devil make martyrs out of the righteous.  The righteous put much good in play and much good in jeopardy.  Judgement is a hard to come by commodity.  Laws may be a sham.  Too much fracture and the trust of the populace is lost.  Too little and is is co-opted.

From Times Book Review

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