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Go with the scum for local color

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Tax havens are good.   Food stamps are bad.

Playing the system for the advantage of wealth and power is good.

Playing the system for the advantage of poverty and hunger is bad.

Cheap crooks with charming suits are semiannually American

Cheap crooks with cheap clothes are scum.

Cheap crooks who who create wealth for other cheap crooks are the cats pajamas.

Work is for suckers.

Maximizing the labor of others is just reward for beating the system.

Entrepreneurs are holy … except when they are not.

With great gifts comes great responsibility … except when it does not.

Great responsibilities change from the vantage points seen.

Non suckers have great responsibilities to themselves.

The uses of power are many and varied.

The power to be free means insulation, separation, control of the whip hand.

Compassion is great … when it is cheap.

Capitalism is great … except when it is not.

Other forms are not great.  Unless they work.

Freedom dislikes masters.

Masters dislike freedom.

Its always best to go with the winners and let them have the spoils of victory.

Its always best to go with the scum for local color.

Better the winners than than the mob.

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