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Dominance Games / Politics: Non heathen governance

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Dominance Games:

Some grow to accomplish great things and in their awe and satisfaction with their own achievements wish to join the ranks of the governing classes.  These are all by far public spirited poachers who feel that doing right is doing good and that doing good is doing better.  Power and position are simply mere trappings of a calling that enables the true and honorable among us to show their wares and shine in the spotlights of public service.

Many come and go but those who come well prepared and well propped, well fed, well connected, and well heeled understand the nature of the arena to which they aspire.  They will be singled out and praised, sought after and looked at…they will become the apple in the eye of those whom they may serve.

it is for the public good that these brave souls toil.  It is for the good and welfare of their communities, their regions, their states, their country that they work.  The future is something that they can shape,  They can help secure it for their own and their charges.  It is good to be able to shape the future,  It is good to be able to shape the present.  It is good to be able to shape debate, shape policy, shape paths towards freedom and righteousness and clean laundry.  Governance is for the strong, the secure, the wise, the secure, the able.  All of our aspirants are able.

All of our aspirants are there to learn, to judge, to listen, to know.  We ache for the fine men and women of public virtue.

Governance is good.  It is noble.  It is hard work and sure trouble.  It is a the high calling.

It, then, is to our great joy and happiness that we get aspirants who strive to do public work and not aspirant who strive to do public sin.  Seeking power is what the good guys do when they know that they are always right.  Seeking power is what the good guys do when they know the wind is at their backs and that the wind blows them towards shores of riches and rewards.  Seeking power is what politics is all about.  Doing something with power is what those capable of seeing past their tortured little souls are never quite able to get right.  This take a quiet desire to understand what exactly governance is supposed to achieve.  This takes knowing that governance is all about being king and having the ability to lop off heads at whim and will.  We love our little aspirants.  They are so basic.

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Dominance Games: An ode to the unknown communicator

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The romantic twaddle of burnt rats and the longings and feelers and resources of the dupes of the sweet songs of love thrown to us from the pulpits of the sly.

Listen sweetly to the self loving poems and paeans of breeding, baring, privilege and wonder as he/ she puzzles over reason well for  endearing ends.  Never know things that go bump in the night.  Always fear them.  Never look, always see the little monsters outside of our rancid dreams.

Strife, petition, leering gratification.  Gentrification.  Our putrid little mirrors can reflect too much light, light that burns and singes, burns and singes in the dark corners of the constant night of holy ignorance.  Heady rewards come to those who dance with the nimble and pristine.  The precise.  Lure and aphrodisiac.  Heady rewards come to those who dance with the ones who shimmy well and perform well.

Characters and preeners.  Dancers and singers.  All manner of ribald show and tell come to us as we trundle on our merry little ways.  Dismissive arrogance, weapons of masquerading follies attract us as  cheap perfume.   Cheap perfume attracts those for whom the mawkish and the patty functions best.

Pretty pictures and fancy illusory pieces.  The flaccid aerial circuses we gawk at make us proud.  Over sized performers in the trees waiting to fall off or to be picked by the tree pickers, we feel their pain.  These trees bear strange tasty fruits,  strange tangy nectars, the taste exotic, the after taste lingering majestically.   The sirens sweep softly.

Junk yard cats and howling dogs go bay at the night, the moon.  Fairy tales and sun rays define the joys and pleasures gained and sent by the grand operas of fondled passion and inebriated score.  Contraltos serene always allay fears in holidays of dead beyond the pale of contrition.

We love the ones we love.  lust, hell, dominance and greed are trips to be taken.

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The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill..

Dominance Games: Dominance Games: Prior to sinking the ships of state

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For viewing pleasure there are always the perfect villains and perfect fools of the corridors of power using the levers that they hold in order to work things out in ways workable.  Checks and balances work in so far as there is the ability to execute.  Laws, after all, are just means to direct the execution of the power of the state.  With the governed increasingly unwilling to abide by the sanctions of the state directions lead to one of two outcomes.  Either a tightening of force or the grip of the powerful or the fragmentation of power without cohesive structure or finely tuned apparatus to enforce unknowable rules and standards.

The games may be different in different places and systems but the principle is the same.  No agreement on an umbrella political structure gives way to the savageries of power plays and power grabs.  Corruption is not corruption.  It becomes the order of disorder with, in the extremes , the order of death.

Fragmented views of society are wished for by those in opposition to the order that is.  Push too far and hoped for new orders become no order what so ever.  Allegiances to cohesion are hard allegiances when corrupting power wanes out of control.  Allegiances to fraction and divisiveness are not attractive measures when they invite  a broken world without recourse to fixing.  A non lethal state can be mended best from within.  A lethal state invites the danger of getting better or worse.

Firebrands would do well to judge the level of real toxicity prior to sinking their ships of state.  Puzzlers ponder answers, define not questions.  The powers of those in the catbirds seat always trump rage and rant.

The self interest of the fears and cries of the put upon is dear.  Perceptions  are often eternally skewed.  Perceptions of power bases are often eternally skewed.  Readings of power bases are often eternally flawed.

In the rush to build government, the rush to build equity, firmness grabs often by the  short hairs.  Whom gets whom by them, the short hairs? The world is the world of unintended consequence.  Who rages for these, the unintended consequence?  Those who risk too much for too little or those who risk too little for too much.  Lasting fancy and gifts from the devil make martyrs out of the righteous.  The righteous put much good in play and much good in jeopardy.  Judgement is a hard to come by commodity.  Laws may be a sham.  Too much fracture and the trust of the populace is lost.  Too little and is is co-opted.

From Times Book Review

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Dominance Games: Too damned hard to sell

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Always honorable conundrums, the flies in the ointment.   Try to stand for goodness, justice, mercy, all singular goodness, motives and damned good people.  Damned good images.  Damned good damned support for damned good myths and martyrs sternly and strongly on the sides of the better angels of our nature or the better angels in heavens glorious chorus.

Love the chooser.  Hate the choice.  Love the honor.  Hell if its sullied.  Ahh, the fidelity.  The goodness, mercy freedom, passion, democracy, love, honor, obedience.  Ahh, the heart warming virtue.  The frustration, the failures, the damned fine print.  Some trick ponies that just won’t do the tricks we got them for.

Fear the future and the past.  Patriotic words and happy fire brands.    Always entertain and sicken and turn right wrong and virtue to sham.  It takes work to frame the fine print.  And finesse.  And sureness.  Damned sureness.

The freedom to be unfree is a freedom granted those who get the freedom to choose.  Rhetoric tells them so.

What a problem  What a predicament.  Go freedom.  Go Democracy.  Go unholy jail and captivity.  Be free enough. Let freedom rin, stoically.  In heavens name let freedom ring, stoically.  Ahh, the complexity.  Ahh, the toil.  Ahh, the temperamental nature of worlds and words.

Passions.  Wishes.  Unfinished business…more.  War by other means.   Care what you wish for while holding high a beacon to the weary, blurred, wily little word.

Freedom from thought.  Freedom from action……Gone with the wind and the talk of the chump.  Ahh…… the usual sound and fury signifying nothing.  Balance of power.  This hallowed multipurpose all in one superbly adept and equally awe inspiring product and export, badge and club, sincere piece of the human soul and rotten apple democracy.  Ahh…… the usual sound and fury signifying nothing.

Sell Arab springs.  Wisconsin autumns. Central American knives.  Sell the cheap stuff in the pretty boxes.  Too damned hard to sell the stuff that works.  Too damned hard to build the stuff that works.

By Jeffery Goldberg  The Atlantic

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The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill…

Dominance Games: They work the trenches

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In my name they go to war.  In my name they rule the waves of production, the seas of competence.  In my name they accommodate the needs and wants of the needy, the wants and aspirations of the desirous, the happy little frolics of the serious and the moral.

In my name they please.  They distribute goods and services.  They distribute hearts and minds.  They distribute ease and sanity.

In my name they sower with efficiency, plunder with joy, return to me the dregs upon my investment.  They produce.  They camouflage.  They placate and the are that between us and a world without function.

In my name they do what there is that has to be done.  In my name they do it well.  They do it adroitly.  They have no spasms of regret.  They are professional.

In my name they grease the wheels of a better more sane world.  In my name they await their applause humbly.  In my name they regard the slings and arrows of dark screamers with regret and in my name they view with sad detachment.  They know better.  In my name.

In my name they are seasoned.  In my name they are worldly and wise and in my name they know the functions of the world.  In my name they are of one with the veils of hidden charity of spirit and the veils of the hidden philanthropy of the heart.  They are at one with progress in my name.  In my name we need ask no more.

In my name they are what they are.  In my name they act as they can.  In my name they act where they can.  They are good because they are.  In my name they are all that they can be.  In my name they act.  For themselves they act.  It is that true noble philosophy that serves.  They act so that I can be free.

And I support them.

The cost of costs

from Harpers by Scott Horton

The usual usual  from The Washington Post

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Dominance games: Lunch pail

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Lunch pail issues.  Bothersome things that get turned inside out and deadly rancid in our productive, vibrant process.  Songs and dance defy gravity and sense and the lunch pail is such a basic tiresome thing.   Food.  Clothing.  Shelter.  Work.  A lack of sucker being.  A break from the cry babies around the edges.

Simple.  Basic.  Elementary.   There is not a world of wonder.  Primal political wonders protect us from the evils of the captains of the captains of capricious fortune, insidious finance and hard hearted industry.  The captains of the captains of capricious fortune, insidious finance and hard hearted industry protect us from the oh so menacing elite.   Privateers.  Governators.   Seed and innovate .  Identify and referee .  Scum stealers from on manipulative high.  Scum stealers from the on repression flowing low.   Keep worry away.  Do no harm.

Lunch pails watch with tears as mighty progress steps on and emulsifies lame lost losers.  Lunch pails watch with tears as the march of time tames easy.  The ones on the short end need  survive, live and exist.  So says the ones on the short end.  Demands the basic basics.  Pity is the home of  no glamor.  The short sentences of too much work define the too much of work of necessity.  Lunch pail owners  pay none too much respect to their lunch pails.  Speak volumes of a hell in a hand basket…Be convinced that that basket of joyless joy loves you so.

Marcelo Giugale  Huffington Post

Perry Bacon Jr. Post Politics  Washington Post

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The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true…..the thrill..

Dominance Games: Democracy for lovers

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Goodness and mercy are not always goodness and mercy.  Hope and dreams are not always hope and dreams.  The goodly heroes are not always plaster saints.

On our terms things are not always on our terms.

Democracy……just the sound of the word…the texture of its artful arcane syllables cascading out of the mouth, over perched and parched lips….the breaths deepen, the body tremors, and there is a comforting sniffle to back up the hope and pride.

The grand and great religion of the non secular masses.  The grand and great religion of the sweet, lovely secular champions of honesty, honor and fair play.  the end point of all politics.  The fair shake for all mankind.  We get it.  We got it.  We import it.  We sell it.  We cherish it.  We mangle it.  We push it through hell to see if it is or is not a cardboard illusion.  Tis a strong thing this Democracy.  it mirrors many images.  It shows off many hues and colors.  it is purposeful and pure anything of care and caring.  Always to be improved.  Always to be made superior and worthy.

We love it dearly and cherish it completely.  And we understand it as well.


Joe Klein in Time,8599,2068607,00.html

From  The Weekly Standard   the rancid bastards ….. the true…..the dumb ……  the honored creed…..the books I am pushing ….

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