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The rancid meat is always waiting in the wings

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In the age old conundrum …. in sacred democracy do the good people of people land have the right to vote for things and flings and auto bots and the specters of the ghosts of evils past in the persons or parties or true lovers or believers of all thing autocratic, auto immune, authoritarian and deadening?

Is sacred democracy a vehicle for the power grabbing grubbers or the self sustaining entity based on myths and dreams and phantom conditions, institutions, enforcement arms and laser stares that can serve the power balancing delights and mechanisms between and among various and sundry factions in the pluralistic society?

If sacred democracy carries with it the implications of the cherished ideals of the saviors and myth makers that the world is always ripe and safe for then those who honor and believe the eternal proposition that to the victors go the spoils then we are awash in those who are the sages of time.

Gaining wins and standing tall is either about gaining wins and standing tall or it is about gaining wins and standing tall within the happy functioning system that got you there.  It is always the privilege and the honor of those who win to push the batons and clubs of force towards their sacred and moral goals ….. the good of the stew.

Push and gain and find and neuter and establish the push and gain and find and neuter that runs behind the curtains ….. the show of the sham is the ram of the ham…… purposes wet and tasty until it too is rancid.

Pig believers and oligarchs and queens and kings know how to eat.  The rancid meat is always waiting in the wings.  It can look nice.

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