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The mean games. Play for the prize with the chips of the drips.

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The mean games.  Play for the prize with the chips of the drips.

The mouths move …… the stories follow ……. the cries cry  …….  the idiots are in delight …….. puppets, puppets, puppets for those who have the smarts and need the clowns in order to reach the mass of clowns who like the happy hate and droll passion and rancid mean and crusty cruel.

The attack dogs and con men and circus freaks play and pay the needed bills and rile up and caress the humble crowd on the midway so that the clowns all can get fleeced and diced and sliced and that the good grimy gamey game runners can turn the profit, the stealing, the power grabbing, the improvement of the game rigging, and ascend to mystical heights.

Poor, poor us.  There is no accepted, acceptable, respected, respectable power structure, idea structure, purpose structure, structure structure in these great and powerful United States of whatever.  The players play and play and gain independence from law, regulation, enemies, checks, balances, challenge, the suckers.  The cream rises to the top.  Rancid cream.  Misplays put the dregs of the scum of the bottom in full blown charge and mean jack booted, loin loving splendor.

The mean games.  Play for the prize with the chips of the drips.

Let the drips think they have no master.

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Dominance Games: Hate works

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What checks do unfettered capitalists see as valid checks upon unfettered capitalists?  What state intrusions upon functioning businesses are seen as too much state intrusions upon functioning businesses by the standard bearers of state protection?  Protect the individual from the all encompassing state, protect the individual from the strangling tentacles of self serving business?  Of the partisans, hear no evil…see no evil….the magic mirrors of the faithful reflect only beauty.  All trust is true trust.

People wonder.  Support those who work against their own interests?  Threats to Labor’s  protection see it melting away with the toxic wastes of the viral abusers.  The dictation of policy and rules and turning employers and managers into employees comes hard charging and virulent.   Freedom to prosper as one wishes brings the need for paid help and competition sets the rate for needed good help.   Do good… need and must pay for good….unless it don’t.  Work hard and contribute skills and energies  upon which talents and work ethic rest and be not valued but seen as a replicable, replaceable  commodity…an undesirable temporarily necessary business evil, expense.   Rules from the top down.  Rules from the bottom up.

Oligarchies stand in place as they do.  They can enforce their positions, as they can.  They can convince the mass to let current order work its way through to happy glitzy outcomes for all.  Set the message.  Sell the message.  Indulge the fear.  Demonize alternatives.  Oligarchies of wealth and power are fun.  Oligarchies of power and influence, of dictation and thought, they are fun.  The dictation of standards, the dictation of living standards, hates and demons are strong.   Alternative views are for limp wristed thinkers.   are worse.  Hates are strong, give muscle, breeding, force, power.  They give the most pleasure, the fun of all.  Virulent hate of virulent enemies keeps our games going and our turkeys screeching.  Hate is the mustard on the hot dog of hate..    Editorial: Obama’s Job-Killing Jobs Council

By the CNN Wire Staff    Wisconsin battle shifts to recall votes

politics, news, commentary, analysis…The dumb …… the honored creed. The rancid bastards …… the true.


Dominance Games: Politics is for suckers. Might is for pros.

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From the bottom up.  Many times, many ways the power in government and life comes from the bottom up.

The base up.  The foundation up.  Many times, many ways the power in government and life comes from the base up, the foundation up.
Building blocks supreme support edifices and efforts of grand public pooh baas, void doers do gooders and all serious scholars.  Mountains of sadistic gain are built lovingly and to the credit of justice from the bottom up.

From the bottom up comes the power,the virtue, the massive movements  hard knocks,  hard pain, sharp elbows, hurting places.  From the bottom up comes ribald thuggery and haunting bleeding.  Grab assed grab ass…. from the bottom up.

Grand stability and surely supporters.  Roving marauding monsters cover great wide swaths of devouring nightmares devouring all before them as inebriated locusts in eternal heat.  From the bottom up dreams come true.

Lift that bail.  Tote that barge.  Skunk that skunk.  Hammer that nail.  Moral dignity and severe belonging.  Group buzz and kumbayah.  From the bottom up comes the holy hell of a saintly pedestal upon which the bottom feeders and the  mighty rest and lord.  From the bottom up.

Skunk that skunk.   Maim those weak.  Fry order.  Dump decency.  Right  worth.   To elect is to be  right as rain.  Fair fights  and demon idiots win in the world of dreams.  In the world of wants.  In the world of how does it feel to want.  Competition flourishes  and you win a Buick.  Games on games.  Wheels on wheels.  Naked whimsies of naked riders riding naked on horseback….. nakedly.  The fantasies and virtues of  fantasies of virtue are long and luminous.

When there has to be a vote…make it crooked.  Where there has to be an electorate fix it.  Where there has to be a district game it.  Where there has to be a show….dance.  Politics is for suckers.  Might is for pros.

Common Suckers

Carl Hulse   New york Times

Gerrymandering the Film

Center for voting and Democracy


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Dominance Games: An Essay on Power A Novel

Back alleys. Aphrodisiacs. Sweet honor, power, revenge. A hard, tough country with life full, intimidation fast, heat coming as a whippet, a whirlwind. A hard cynical little novel. 50,000 words. Dominance Games. A dirty rapt primer. a mean searing little story. Intimidation stalks time and decades. A tempered stew radiates out from the sinews and muscles of longing and regret.

Lust Games: An Essay on Honor A Novel

Honor; the wicked master. Redemption, the tough and unforgiving act. Lust; the wicked mistress. Death. Legacies. A heathen home. Paradise lost. Lust driven temptresses. Besotted clowns. Worlds in flux. Cynical chiselers, power hungry bastards, low rent power vacuums. Integrity. Victory. Two lovers. A muse. Lust Games: an Essay on Honor, 58, 000 words. High rent parades of fools.

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