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Dominance Games: Hate works

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What checks do unfettered capitalists see as valid checks upon unfettered capitalists?  What state intrusions upon functioning businesses are seen as too much state intrusions upon functioning businesses by the standard bearers of state protection?  Protect the individual from the all encompassing state, protect the individual from the strangling tentacles of self serving business?  Of the partisans, hear no evil…see no evil….the magic mirrors of the faithful reflect only beauty.  All trust is true trust.

People wonder.  Support those who work against their own interests?  Threats to Labor’s  protection see it melting away with the toxic wastes of the viral abusers.  The dictation of policy and rules and turning employers and managers into employees comes hard charging and virulent.   Freedom to prosper as one wishes brings the need for paid help and competition sets the rate for needed good help.   Do good… need and must pay for good….unless it don’t.  Work hard and contribute skills and energies  upon which talents and work ethic rest and be not valued but seen as a replicable, replaceable  commodity…an undesirable temporarily necessary business evil, expense.   Rules from the top down.  Rules from the bottom up.

Oligarchies stand in place as they do.  They can enforce their positions, as they can.  They can convince the mass to let current order work its way through to happy glitzy outcomes for all.  Set the message.  Sell the message.  Indulge the fear.  Demonize alternatives.  Oligarchies of wealth and power are fun.  Oligarchies of power and influence, of dictation and thought, they are fun.  The dictation of standards, the dictation of living standards, hates and demons are strong.   Alternative views are for limp wristed thinkers.   are worse.  Hates are strong, give muscle, breeding, force, power.  They give the most pleasure, the fun of all.  Virulent hate of virulent enemies keeps our games going and our turkeys screeching.  Hate is the mustard on the hot dog of hate..    Editorial: Obama’s Job-Killing Jobs Council

By the CNN Wire Staff    Wisconsin battle shifts to recall votes

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Dominance Games: Reap the wild dirge of rapscallion fancy

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We beg the grim reaper to not waste our poor little lives.  We watch the angels as they watch over us.  The little devils…they come from there, they come from from here, they saunter about and just come from every  which where.

We have our little lusts.  They have our little lusts.  We have our little  depravities.  They have our little depravities.   We are bold in manner, strong in virtue.  They just want to know the nobility of our character.   We just want our dear little selves spread around for all to see and know.  They will love us to death.  We will give money to strangers,  our lives to the depraved.

We lust for composure in a void.  They wish us no void, tell us no tale, love the ones they are with…us …always us….always lucky little us.   They marvel at the variety and depravity of  life’s blood.  No more sneaking through sins unapplauded, unwanted.  No more lust driven fancies.  No more fun.

The pleasure of deeply held perversion is gone with the wind.  The pleasure of deeply held perversion is a spectator sport for the thought police and the enemies of my soul..Let me entertain my enemies.  Let me give my lustful fantasies to others to enjoy.  They deserve it.  They need their thrills and fancies.  I need their prurient interest.  We all need the great arena of shared experience.  The oh so recognized theater of the primed absurd.

We all can reap the wild dirge of rapscallion fancy….and be better wonders for it.  We all can  reap the wild wind together and know that it is worth the breeze in the trees. it…the pains of the gains, the crud of the stealing of us.  Cheep thrills and good shopping, the main character, the star of the constant story of our dreary little lives.  Tawdry and good and fun and done..the passing panorama.  I liked it better when there were just hidden cameras and bugs in my bedroom.  There was a nice cozy sense of security there.

Jennifer Preston   New York Times

Peter Apps   MSNBC Reuters

Walter Frick  The Atlantic

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Dominance Games: Foreign bastards from far away places like Wisconsin, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Arizona, Chicago, Florida , Alabama

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We could always go to war with each other.  Texas could use the steel toes and hard heels of cowboy boots to kick the living daylights out of effete north easterners.    New York could buy out the supplies that keep the south alive.  California could infiltrate morality squads and bring down god fearing folk.. Massachusetts could sneer us all into oblivion.

There could be more.  Tennesseans and Kentuckians could kill possums and infiltrate the meat supply.  Kansans could pray too loudly and bring down God’s wrath.   The rust belt workers could starve to death and send their bodies to others to bury….It could get better.

Why trust foreign bastards from far away places like Wisconsin, Oklahoma, San Francisco, Arizona, Chicago, Florida , Alabama? Why not tariff goods from state to state?  Why not sneer at states that don’t run the system to protect their rights to be pure and secure?  Why not just give the whole damned thing up, pack in the tents, find friends in far away places like Uzbekistan, France, Sweden, the DAR?

Poor moribund one worlders, internationalists who see a union of states.  taking sovereignty from the endowed creatures of defines ruggedness, the core of irreducible oneness?  Damned the socialists and the soft thinkers.

Why bother with a national agenda when we can’t stand being in the same room with each other?  Why bother with national purpose when national purpose means only that they  screw you matter what?

Rank central government heels when there is healing it can do.  Rank central government intrudes when there is overriding, overreaching intruding to do.  power mad cynical entities big and small are of perversion and folly.  Too much the pull…fear and hate it.  Too little the help…need and want it.   Too dumb the gamers, run it to hell.  The United States is.  The United States are.   Smart…watch how ever it plays …

…Love the law of unintended consequence.

Molly Ball   Politico

Star Parker  The Washington Examiner

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Dominance Games: Game it. Break it. The sneer is good. Love the sneer.

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Chaos and frivolity.  Balkanization and one man’s Balkans is another mans sacred homeland.  Small victories for the dissolution of Union.  Small victories for the fixing of the game of union.  Coming and going we get it going; tricks and high wires, circuses and clowns and sober, moral grown adults interested in their firmly held beliefs that these are the ways of and to a better world.  Win or secede.  Break with my enemies or play him out and down and useless.  The grand narcissism of all of the grand narcissists and grand ages is a grand narcissism.

Why accommodate or bother with rank rotten bastards that are vain and dumb and just don’t have the brains or brawn that a baby seal is born with.  Why let them strip my manhood, break my faith, sully my intellectual prowess, stomp on my self righteousness, laugh at my wisdom.  Forget about it.  I’m gone or maybe I be breaking your back.  C’est la vie sucker.  Blank your mother’s dog.

Redistrict.  Redistrict.   Nullify the Feds.   Run the scam.  Blank the scam.  Use em or lose em……They sure as hell ain’t worth a pitcher of warm spit. States rights.  Right the states.  Scum and things……All government is scum and things.  Game it.  Break it.  The sneer is good.  Love the sneer.

Aaron Blake   Washington Post

Editorial  New York Times   Inching Closer to States’ Rights

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Dominance Games: Dominance Games: Prior to sinking the ships of state

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For viewing pleasure there are always the perfect villains and perfect fools of the corridors of power using the levers that they hold in order to work things out in ways workable.  Checks and balances work in so far as there is the ability to execute.  Laws, after all, are just means to direct the execution of the power of the state.  With the governed increasingly unwilling to abide by the sanctions of the state directions lead to one of two outcomes.  Either a tightening of force or the grip of the powerful or the fragmentation of power without cohesive structure or finely tuned apparatus to enforce unknowable rules and standards.

The games may be different in different places and systems but the principle is the same.  No agreement on an umbrella political structure gives way to the savageries of power plays and power grabs.  Corruption is not corruption.  It becomes the order of disorder with, in the extremes , the order of death.

Fragmented views of society are wished for by those in opposition to the order that is.  Push too far and hoped for new orders become no order what so ever.  Allegiances to cohesion are hard allegiances when corrupting power wanes out of control.  Allegiances to fraction and divisiveness are not attractive measures when they invite  a broken world without recourse to fixing.  A non lethal state can be mended best from within.  A lethal state invites the danger of getting better or worse.

Firebrands would do well to judge the level of real toxicity prior to sinking their ships of state.  Puzzlers ponder answers, define not questions.  The powers of those in the catbirds seat always trump rage and rant.

The self interest of the fears and cries of the put upon is dear.  Perceptions  are often eternally skewed.  Perceptions of power bases are often eternally skewed.  Readings of power bases are often eternally flawed.

In the rush to build government, the rush to build equity, firmness grabs often by the  short hairs.  Whom gets whom by them, the short hairs? The world is the world of unintended consequence.  Who rages for these, the unintended consequence?  Those who risk too much for too little or those who risk too little for too much.  Lasting fancy and gifts from the devil make martyrs out of the righteous.  The righteous put much good in play and much good in jeopardy.  Judgement is a hard to come by commodity.  Laws may be a sham.  Too much fracture and the trust of the populace is lost.  Too little and is is co-opted.

From Times Book Review

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Some gifts just keep on giving

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Death to the corrupters, the saboteurs, the mercenary clowns.  Death to the rise and loves of sincere autocracy, the rise and loves of right thinking felons,  those free from the sins of the understanding fool, those free from the rise and loves of the devils in the details of all the good flunkies.

Sincere hubris and answers from above.  The strong protect the weak.

Fixers fix.  Some damned things are just too damned important to be damned left alone.

Beyond reproach, the world needs love.

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Rick Ungar Forbes,com

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And now the apocalypse. It has finally come.

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And now the apocalypse.  It has finally come.  The world has finally evaporated and the netherworlds of shadows and specters haunts the winds.  It is come.  The dark terror of yesterdays horrors and fears is come out of the mists of the dregs of time and has brought us to 1937 and its look to the future.

Trust is the love.  The trusting lords and masters.   The trustworthy lords and masters. The eternal battle cry…. “The American people implore me to do my bidding.” We have ourselves come and gone and get to look forward to the past.  Its dreams are ours again.  It visions are ours for a song.  The visit to the strange country of the past is just around the corner.  Bless the beasts and the children.  Again and again.  And with feeling.  Cometh the killers.

Rick Ungar Forbes,com

Blogging for Michigan   the rancid bastards ….. the true…..the dumb ……  the honored creed…..the books I am pushing ….

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