“Savvy and aware” ……. fake words for enemies

“Savvy and aware” ……. fake words for enemies

“Savvy and aware: is for wimps and suckers.  Savvy and aware is a full frontal assault upon intransigent, catatonic, circular argument brain disorder, fears of loosing access to lovely jack boots.

Savvy and aware is for wimps and suckers, and the diminishe3d who think.  Rough hewn he men and tough dominant woman have no time for savvy and aware.  …. gets in the way of knee jerk, disdain, hate, grand self delusion in the name of the crushing of the crushing devils.

Grand Punk and Punktown and Punksters and coquettish little Punkettes are all enthralled with the lame and the halt of power hungry, the lame and the halt of dominance and submissive little games of debasement and the the lame and the halt attainments of the ugly soul.  Fellow travelers on the edge of Punktown now spend their lives taking “savvy and aware” out of their vocabularies else they find crushing lie to the fiction that they are salt of the earth rock solid folk who sell not their souls for cons, a wretched glossy Punk or a rancid world.

Ain’t no such thing as savvy.

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