Punktown Rhapsody

Punktown Rhapsody

The jaunty punksters and punkettes of Punkland are the salt of the earth.  They are the backbone of a country.  They are the common sense folk of story and legend … the characters of myth … the winners of wars … the winners of peace.

The jaunty punksters and punkettes of Punkland are the salt of the earth.  They delve into the fabric of their society.  They are the straight and narrow.  They are the true and blue.  They are the good soldiers, the moral warriors, the honest, reliable shirt off your back base upon which this land was built.

Savvy.  Smart.  Can look you in the eye and spot a crook, a peddler, a con man a mile away.  You don’t fool with the  solid folk of Punkland.

Too good to be conned.  Too pure to be conned.  To skeptical to be conned.  To righteous.  Too fair.  To well meaning.  Too much solid citizenry to have a need, a failing, a greedy rancid hope to be fulfilled to fall for a user, abuser, nullifier, spinner of  tales from the dregs of rationality and the seven circles of hell.

To hate no hates.  To love no loves.  The willing suckers of Punkland just should not be.  They are just not empty vessels of the sneer.  They are just not empty souls waiting for the strength of false profits.  The powers they want are the powers of good, the powers of the better angels of their natures.

The punksters and punkettes of Punktown do not wildly dance around the bonfires of the night and bey at the silvery moon.

They love their little piece of smarts.

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