Punk authoritarians ….. de-fanged, de-neutered, debunked, damned

Punk authoritarians ….. de-fanged, de-neutered, debunked, damned

Authoritarians go forward.  Like fetid sharks they just go and go and go.  They dig in and go.  They puff posture and go.  They demean, disillusion, diminish, debase, nullify, break and go.

Punk authoritarians churn.  They churn.  They push, bully, threaten, delegitimize, whirl, twirl and do fiery rancid pirouettes.

Punk authoritarians have only one cause, only one game, only one set of behaviors.  They do not mitigate, they do not facilitate, they only play set up while the set up is good.  Issues away from use or collateral are tools and toys and chips and whips.  Beliefs are transitory.  Words are bludgeons.  Interest is only on the jugular.

Punk authoritarians burn.  They smite.  They blight.  They only stop when when there is no place to go, no way to get there, no hammers to obtain, no other punks to help them, no there there.

De-fanged, de-neutered, debunked, damned.


The only way home.

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