Deny the Punk authority.

Deny the Punk authority.

So Mr. Punk is an election cycle savant.  He gets away with this, that, the wall of punk’s invincibility.  He shines. he spins.  He sizzles.  How does he do it?  Why can’t we see it.  How does he do it?  Why can’t we see it. Oh my.  Oh my.  Oh my.

The base aims of the demagogues handbook …. the base aims of the strong man’s code ….the base aims of the drive to eternal power ……. the base songs of beating, fighting, diminishing, spitting, sneering, wheedling, breaking, owning, nullifying, trolling the depths of private hells …. all the poor consistent elements of the perky plays of the authoritarian soul ….. all to stem majestically from the following the premises of the authoritarian dream.  Keep eyes on the prize dear Punk.

Too simple an analysis for those who wish to be free and fair and not maligned for seeing what is there.  An authoritarian punk is an authoritarian punk.  So be the wings of the fates.

Deny the punk authority.

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