We worry only about what shirt the pig has on

We worry only about what shirt the pig has on

Political systems function in the best interests of the power brokers, players, inhibitors in a given system. Power is enforced, aligned, used, abused, caressed ,made functionary.  Rule, law, dictate, force functions within the relationships of power balance, cost, desire.  The corruption of the system, the defining of a system as arbitrary, to be used, gamed, run over ….. the ways of the trail.  Corruption is drive.  Justice, power balance, minority access to power, kumbaya, the ideals of enlightened democracy seek adherents who with strength matter, who with strength find such pie in the sky desirable.  Worlds of tin pot demagogues, demigods, dictators, ideologues, true believers, bastards and clowns find joy and comfort in their own atmospheres and rancid air.  The realist works the corrupt system, maximize its flaws, takes no hostages.  The ability to be evil comes with cunning.

Signposts worry not about the ability to be and do evil ….. the shadow boxing in the shadows with breakers.  We worry not about protection from authoritarians, manipulators, fairy dust blowers.  We worry only about what shirt the pig has on.

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