Pitchforks ablaze in the garden. Fire in the night.

Pitchforks ablaze in the garden.  Fire in the night.

Guns, Speakers of the House, debt ceiling …… full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes.  Anger, hate, disgust.  True belief, dollops of immaturity, fire breathing aggression, intimidation, victimhood.

Demagogues.  Bullies.  Hard chargers.  Maulers.  The way to heaven is strength, lovely strength.  Leadership of the muscular.    A club, a gun, a knife.  Own the losers. Break the losers.  Diminish them into bags of fear.  Prisoners are for suckers.

Enemies, vile, evil enemies, those in the way of destiny need be drained.  Lust need be sated.  Authoritarianism need be placated.  The prize.  The win.  The dictate.  Force and vim and the knowledge of the insipid mind.

Pitchforks ablaze in the garden.  Fire in the night.

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