The games are not rancid. Authoritarian mouths can make the difference.

The games are not rancid.  Authoritarian  mouths can make the difference.

Games are what they are.  Systems are what they are.  Players of games play the games that exist.  Actors in systems act within the confines of same.  Those who are unhappy may wish to change the structures of the game, the structures of the system.  This may be done with the proper levers, the proper playing of the dynamics.  Gamers game or try to game the system for their own benefit.  Others are pin balls bouncing around the bells and whistles of the closed box.  They do what they do but the box is destiny.

All of our heroes do what they do.  Some reluctantly.  Some joyously.  Some perversely.  They cannot change the box …. well maybe if they’re lucky, by authoritarian decree. Instead they have the powers, the set ups favoring influences unchecked, power lanes clogged, challenged, made intimidating.  Levers of power are not easily broached, exercised, gotten to.  Much is charmed illusion, much is uncharmed show.  Fixes for a beneficial restructuring of the whole, the balancing of powers within the whole, the resisting of powers from without ….. these are dreams and rhetoric.

The games are not rancid.  Authoritarian  mouths can make the difference.

So goes the hope.

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