The demagogic superman can be a real bitch

The demagogic superman can be a real bitch.

Authoritarian true-hearts live to wear the strongman T shirt and revel in the tag, the image, the stature, the power, the qualities of revenge.

Supporters feel the juice, the wires, the wattage, the lightening, the bolts.  They mimic the hatred, the passion, the puffed out chest, the feral snarl.

Feels good.  Feels great.  The power of the heavens there to smite mine enemies and whip the limp biscuits and aimless provocateurs.  Power.  Disdain.  Helplessness.  The need of deliverance.  Power ultimate.  Power uncheckable.  Power self sustaining.

Best government: philosopher king

Next: philosopher barons

Next: philosopher populous.

Worst governments…. from bottom to top turned to the dark side.

The government of democratic means may be best for in its mob mentality it is the least bad.

The demagogic superman can be a real bitch.

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