Inertia is a safe thing that the whip hands we love

Inertia is a safe thing that the whip hands we love

It is in nobody’s interest to fix a broken political system.  Parties like the gamesmanship of power plays, seeking to gain by these their wishes, wants and hates and immaturity.  Candidates wish to take advantage of the paths to power by selling themselves to known commodities so that they feel safe in the way that they give away the store.  Donor classes, power players, system owners, whatever, wish not to have their game taken away so that they don’t have to look too hard for new suckers to buy, intimidate, hustle, break, own.

The vast majority of folks don’t like the challenges of gerrymandering, voter restriction, money in play, base primary lowest common denominators, etc and ad nauseam as they are afraid of any dreamlike change and fear the annoying chaos and rancid uncertainty of having only slightly bought people run things, of no breaks put on the system by trusted masters.  Inertia is a safe thing that the whip hands we love.

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