Our champions are like that. Until they turn on us.

Our champions are like that.  Until they turn on us.

Mob bosses are cultural heroes.  The power of the power thrills and invigorates.  A fancy, a fantasy for all low lay folk to behold.

Steamroll.  Batter.  Revenge.  Double down.  Ruin.  Dominate.  Diminish.  Destroy.  Tread lightly ….. all ye in god’s orbit.

The visceral.  The joy of applied interest and hatred.  The up yours and bye bye.  The way to wander the streets.  The way to maximization of function.  The imaginary uncle of all put upon slobs and hard working dolts.  The non corruptible forearm shiver.  The kissing of the ring.

We can ride these guys to greatness, fearlessness, intimidation, gain.  The power to annihilate.  To do, get, freeze.  The power to break, own, destroy.

Politics is like that.  The ultimate appeals are like that.

Our champions are like that.

Until they turn on us.

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