Authoritarian is until it is not

Authoritarian is until it is not

Fascism was defeated, discredited.  Communism was imploded, discredited, by half.  Wars, a century, were in the service of damning the authoritarian monolith.  The core underpinnings of its grace was to have been eaten away by blood, sweat and tears. The rationals in a modern civilized world were to have no standing, no credence, no critical backing.  Enlightenment was coming.  Power was to be diffuse.

The authoritarian is.  It is the natural state against which the rest must grapple.  Order must be able to be maintained.  Laws must have a trust and an enforcement.  Competing interests must have access to the arenas of power.  Bread must not be the major issue.  Convenience, the major excuse.

Monolithic religion.  Monolithic states.  Two bit ideologues.  The rise is in the justifications of all.  These are acceptable things in the world.  The philosophies of life allow, encourage, demand them.  Power is also a desirable aim.  It is what the world runs upon. It is not an evil unto itself.  Strong figures are desirable in a tough world.

Authoritarian is until it is not.

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