With no simmering cause demagogues don’t find great work

With no simmering cause demagogues don’t find great work

Demagoguery is a fine old, age old tried and true action, strategy, force, triumph.  The passions of the dissatisfied and seemingly disenfranchised lots who are not very easily fought, diminished, put aside or nullified come with hard charging purpose, hard charging anger, hard scrabble self importance.  The fight is to the fighters and the fighters love vessels that take them where they want to go.  A good and noble demagogue can well find his or her wave, mount it smoothly, ride it skillfully and hope to manage its crash with aplomb.  The wave can be a hard and forceful thing.  Still waters can be made quite rough.

Smack down bullies, thugs, zealous men, women of the people are hard chargers who know their marks.  The fire they offer is the burn craved by their adherents.  With no simmering cause demagogues don’t find great work.

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