Power supersedes law. Law is a tool of power.

Power supersedes law.  Law is a tool of power. 

Power supersedes law.  Law is a tool of power.  When law mitigates the power of some to do as they wish it is serving its function.  When it does not it is not.

Interpretations of law are done by bodies endowed with either the trust or power of a society, or both, to do as is seen fit.  Checks and balances are in the form of other laws or in the the ability to skirt, abuse, dictate or gut law.  Law is the filter through which power flows.  Law is the filter to which power is enforced.  Law is there to calm, to give order, to give legitimacy, to give excuse.  Federal and state law may conflict at the edges of each, may depend upon the ability of enforcement.  Other places may deal with the compliance of the populi, the enforcement of power.

Power supersedes law.  Players know this.

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