Povertyland’s Adventurelands

Povertyland’s Adventurelands

The poor are all like minded and they congregate around each other in special areas or neighborhoods or amusement themed places and they play off of each other, interact and talk only to each other, live by the evil codes of their environments.  They lie, cheat and steal.  They vote their interests when they deem to vote, when those interests don’t go against their smarmy ethos.  Some won’t challenge the dominant in groups of thought in county or state or close minded heavens when their interests preclude them from hating the free thinking other.

Poverty is a special club with special memberships and homes for those strong enough to walk the streets of their Poverty land’s Adventurelands.  Concentrated power in these amusement park paradises means that the poor there rule the streets, the deprivation.  Their numbers may be marginalized, however, when their happy little fiefdoms are just small in number compared to all other happy little fiefdoms, those of the righteous non poor.  In their wake they are just the Halloween amusement park.

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