The options and powers of master of trained fleas

The options and powers of master of trained fleas

Order in a society demands that acceptable laws be enforced or that unacceptable laws be imposed.  Order benefits those with something to lose, those with something to gain, those who would be on the wrong side of the fight if chaos broke out.

Order is that which keeps daily lives predictable, allows plans to be made, life to go on.  Order is a great leveler, a great inertia built up to enable life to get slowly more difficult, horizons to get slowly further away, freedom of movement to become slowly restricted by lack of means, lack of stature.  The great inertias love the static pleasures of hate and disdain, evil straw men, false gods and idols, paper villains, smoke and mirrors.  The great inertias need diversion and entertainment from where ever it may come.  The great inertias need to have their useful games.

Order is usually better than chaos as chaos brings often slaughter dehumanization, bile, a world of rancid.  The keepers of the flames of order are those who live to set the tone, the boundaries, the scopes of doable behavior.  Those who madly desire to influence the structures and attitudes of enforcement, force, intimidation, the buying and selling and breaking of souls find themselves with the immutable pat hand.  It is rational to exercise the bounty, once gained, to maximize the options and powers of master of trained fleas.

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