The public always defers to their betters

The public always defers to their betters

Some give.  Some take.  Some access the public trough.  Some gain access to it.  Some get the crumbs and the conscience money.  Some know how to get what is theirs.  Some know that nothing is theirs so they just wait with open arms for the manna from heaven that rains down upon them.  Some want help.  Some need help.  Some take their help by birthright.  Some invest in the store for access to greater returns.  Some just thrill at being able to live at the poverty line due to public largesse.  Oyhers just happily decide who better to take their money and treasure.

Owners own.  Breakers break. Killers kill.  Those who play the with the house’s money get to take it and have the public love ’em for it.  The public always defers to their betters.

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