The student, the voting public is the boss.

The student, the voting public is the boss.

Teaching and politics.

Once it seemed aspirational for the common sucker to wish to understand and grasp ideas and notions presented by those of insight and ability.  These humble folk were not dissuaded from putting forth ideas and sentiments and either asking for or demanding that their humble public make the effort to understand, challenge, respect and accomplish thought.

With teaching the power was with the educated stalwart who was allowed to teach because he or she presumably knew more than those being taught.  They were there to learn, to grasp, to expand idea, tools.  They were not there to force compliance with their abilities to be entertained.  They were not the sellers of attention spans.  They were the buyers of services.  Their moods and peccadilloes did not dictate presentation.  Students were not a congregations hiring dancing performers.

It is the salving of the needs of the poor babies who must be informed that counts.  The status of the having power in the power to fail is a wonderful thing.

Since all those who respect thr equations that honor ability and achievement

When interacting with fickle prolific public demand respect in this time and place we jump to leave it to standards and methods and messages being controlled by those who always demand the dancing dogs.

The student, the voting public is the boss.

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