Humanity has no commonality.

Humanity has no commonality.

Since there are no fixed points in human behavior, no grand scale of a march towards civilization, no well considered moral and legal and developmental sets of observations and propositions then all belief systems have equal value and all cultural norms are to be judged solely in the context of their own base parameters, parameters non inclusive of any wider heathen world, any greater poluted information, any greater corrupt experience, any rancid larger pond.

To judge not and be not judged happily becomes judge and be not judged, insulate and attack, attack other insulation and all non insulation.  Common values imply contamination and cries for cultural superiorities or inferiorities.  All cultures are honorable in all judgements and all examinations of all facets of life and all differences within and without. The paths towards the grand, good society run through the the abilities to establish base premises that exist in a vacuum.  The paths towards good relations with differing cultures calls for the acceptance of these vacuums and non examinations of same.

Humanity has no commonality.

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