Power goes where it will go.

Power goes where it will go.

The existence of a vibrant middle class tends to spread the points of access to power and to diminish the authoritarian strains of all factions primed and ready to go forward and commit their ideas of holy unity.

The ideas of a possible existence of a middle class serve a similar function.

The absence of any hope that such a thing as a middle class may be possible leave the fields open to all manners of saviors.

Policies may come and fail.  They may be non too bright and all too corrupt

But they must be open to  establishing the ideas of a sustained, broad based population.  Power in a democracy should look to find a home in the solid middle …. that which may form itself by accident and common interest, by luck and sustained prosperity, by a culture that calls such a thing good.  These were the gifts of a once upon a time.  These are not the gifts of now.  The ground beneath the feet of that dream or illusion is shifting and caving and the new paradigms may find these old tintypes quaint and sentimental.

Societies change and the puffed out chests of their soldiers may take pride in different things.

Power goes where it will go.

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