Corrupt is a facile master.

Corrupt is a facile master.

Since corruption is at the heart and soul of modern American politics it is good that we know this to be so.  This is simply the parallel to the basic corruption of modern everyday American life where might makes right and the best survivors are those who are adept at best being able to screw whomever they so wish to screw and whomever they are so in a position to screw.  Hard knuckle politics, economics, social intercourse reflect well upon a society happily dancing in fractionalism, daintily pirouetting to the tunes of attack.  A society of many losers is bought off easiest by those able and willing to buy.

Power corrupts.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  We have no fools raging in the public forum.  They see the prize.  They smell the rosebuds.  The shimmy to the flutes of the divine melodies.  They seek the prizes of, the smells, the aromas of happily rancid power.  They then are saintly rewarded with the joys of corruption coming and going.

Corrupt is corrupt because it wishes to be, because it can, because it is what is … the currency of the realm …. there just coming out in public appearance slowly and more surely and with brighter lights and star power as the chumps think it serves them.  Corrupt is a facile master.

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