Owning and breaking become the traits to have.

Owning and breaking become the traits to have.

The fractured society sees itself as one with many interests all aiming to improve the lives of those holding them.  Identities, needs, alliances, fights, superficialities, the need for swords and big sticks abound.  The character of the fracture invites battle without synthesis, thesis based on immutable premise.

The fracture depends upon true believers and real enemies, common and special.  The glues of vision and respect dissipate as these things are chimera and ghostly, power is challenged, torn at, dismissed.

Order may be bagged for and  may be instilled and installed by those who can gain the rational of force.  With no common framework of respect respect reverts to the intimidators, the owners, the breakers.  Owning and breaking become the traits to have. These are growth areas.

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