Power seekers are the ones with the light in their eyes.

Power seekers are the ones with the light in their eyes.

A democracy allocates power in ways that hopefully spread it around and give voice to as many folk as possible.  These humble gentry need to be courted, bought off, manipulated,, defanged, enraptured, stomped upon depending upon the amount of real input any given population sample may be able to obtain.  Democracy, in itself, is a good form of government in so far as the corruption of same is, in general terms, the least evil form of government ….. that which makes the most in the corrupt society happy in their corruption.

Power seekers in nominal democracies either manipulate the frameworks of same, work effectively outside of the frameworks of same using said frameworks as a blind, or work , generally, within the framework choosing to maximize opportunities, vulnerabilities and flaws in the system or dreaming to reduce same.  The rational power seeker wishes see the framework as an obstacle to be overcome.

Our general run of politicos today are a general run of politicos.  Save for those who are of the general run of power seekers.  The goal of one, the politico is to be a corrupt soul.  The goal of the other, the power seeker, is to wish for a system different from what we got, more efficient in use.  This is the gift of our modern soul.  Power seekers are the ones with the light in their eyes.

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