You can’t teach dumb

You can’t teach dumb

We are worried completely and dramatically and faithfully here and all about … here and all about the state of our knowledge, our educational prowess, the mass ability of our gentry and folk to become bodies with functioning minds and minds with moving parts.

A real and noble ideal worthy of the best of our natures and the better angels of our natures.  We wish smart folk and sensible folk and worthy folk to inhabit our space and time and make life a treasure for us all.

But, sadly, however, tragically, however … try as we might … work as we will …. strain as we must … some things are just beyond the pale.  We strive to emulate the best of all of us in public and private life … in the worlds of power and thought, opinion and choice.  Tis a sad, hard task.  These are folk gifted from above.  They of the natural order of things are.  That which they have is unattainable.

You can’t teach dumb.

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