What are the new paradigms in our hot new world of today?

What are the new paradigms in our hot new world of today?

In the period between the two world wars democracy was in peril.  Lost in the fascist bastions of Germany, Italy, Spain.  Crushed in the Communist bastions of Russia, China, demeaned in militaristic Japan..  A disordered, unruly, economically challenged word was in need of order, stability, trains running on time.

Vague unrest.  Lack of mobility.  Little freedom of thought, movement, little freedom from the slavery of wages, the absence of wages, fears for survival and food, clothing, shelter, the inability to counter the gun ….. the world that drove the populus.  Systems need to be trusted, feared, respected.  The state rests upon the acquiescence of the poor (Chateaubriand).

The poor can be a mob, a downtrodden blight upon the earth, a handy bit of useful fodder for those who need human labor, canon fodder, drones.  A state that makes comfort, survival at the benevolence of others …. those who control access to wealth, freedom of movement, wages, input into the exercise of power  …. this is the state that values a system that can be handled, used, abused, given over to those who know better, who know better by all manners of might making right.

At what balances of power are we to find grace and happiness?

What are the new paradigms in our hot new world of today?

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