This serves the interests of order.

This serves the interests of order.

Fiduciary responsibility demands that business models stand firm in the desire to maximize the profits and gains of the shareholders, the investor class and all of the lucky others who benefit with gains made in pension investments and 401K ‘s.  The employee is an expense who will get that which the market will bear.  There is no power there save for the trust in the free unfettered market.  There is no counter balance.  Unions are the devils plaything.

Studies of subjects not germane to hive or pigeon hole or numb body occupying space in a dedicated ordered, preset position are not of service to the needs of a workable market place.  Higher learning and a broad based understanding of the dead world around keep the focus off of the dedicated tasks of the task and wage slave.

The fall from grace from and advancing society comes when the advancement  of society is defined by the creation of sharpened worker drones.

This serves the interests of order.

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