Evil doing is just another tool.

Evil doing is just another tool.

If the world gave a damn about barbarism there would be a prejudice against it by friends and enemies both of those who practice it.

Barbarism does not happen in a vacuum.  The access to funds, weaponry, fuel, supplies etc must come from somewhere.  Those who can prosper monetarily, geopolitically, strategically, plot their aims and take their chances.  Actions of others are often tools to be used as well as circumstance of which to be wary.

Mad dogism always serves a purpose to others than the mad dog.  Take no prisoners power seekers, ideologues, nihilists, self righteous and self revealing hammer holders march. burn, destroy, degrade.  This is a softening of those who are weak, fragile, open to abuse.  Those with means to imagine being free from their like minded mad dogs hear, see and speak no evil.  The power vacuums extant in any given system are there to be exploited by what ever means nature gives.  Evil doing is just another tool.

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