Force is always a tool. It is necessary to know who owns it.

Force is always a tool. It is necessary to know who owns it.

The use of force is reserved for the government.  This helps keep competing powers and thugs from establishing their own rules and their own ways.  This is how governments regulate aggression and fear.  This is how they establish order, law and protection.  This is also a changeable position, challenged by those who wish access to the force they deem necessary to protect their interests, to advance their interests.  This is also a changeable position by those who respect not government, find government an impediment, wish to establish powers of their own.  Governmental force, non governmental force, both, may be bought and sold.  The question is always begged …. the challenging of this force always threatens chaos.  Lack of checks upon same brings a submissive society.

The force of power is challenged for abundant reasons, acceptable to the common good, unacceptable to it.  The will to master sanctioned force keeps government functioning.  This functioning may be mastered by the interests of many, the few.  The pressure upon those who control the trigger, the use, is invited often.

Pro government, anti government ….  force is always a tool. It is always the means to societal safety.  It is necessary to know who owns it.

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