The power to manipulate starts with such things.

The power to manipulate starts with such things.

A world of wage slaves and survivors is a world that needs to clamor for order, an order that may enable the wage givers to survive and stay whole and profitable.  Those others wishing to become wage slaves need order so that there may be a hope of expansion so that they may have wages as well.  This is a dependency factor, the dependency upon those who have the means, the power, the wealth to create valued, needed opportunity and growth.  All dependency factors work well into the hands of those who can become the masters in the equation, the party upon which dependency is bestowed.  The power to manipulate starts with such things.

Those in position to be divorced from the rest of their societies by reason of freedom of movement, wealth, access to state or personal force, access to the all little power vacuums or power positions need work the dependant other.  It is in their interests to create or allow to be created systems, states where such dynamics are in play.

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