The double speak of politics, the distrust of meaning …..

The double speak of politics, the distrust of meaning ….

There seems to be little understanding of Western “secular” values amongst those who consider freedom of speech a ploy and a tool to diminish and keep down those that they envision the West seeing as of a lesser bent.

The “secular” values of liberal societies and the traditions and juris prudence they uphold are not envisioned as “holy” values by those  who cannot accept them or the principles upon which they rest.  By some of the West as well.

Conversations on clashes of cultures need be clear upon the divisions, the questions, the need for the mutual respect of those, if any, of good will.  Clarifications and understandings of principle, modes of survival, colors of souls and the choosing to see that which unopened minds cannot may  stumble into a path to follow.

The double speak of politics, the distrust of meaning, views as dialog of warfare, threats to ordered worlds  all hinder conflict resolution.

Any reason flows from acceptable premise.

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