Federalism means ….kiss the right ring and this is an academic exercise.

Federalism means ….kiss the right ring and this is an academic exercise.

Federalism means that the slobbering pig of a big bad corrupt federal world of rancid, federal government of loathsome  is the big bad corrupt interloper by choice into the aims and deeds of the smaller big bad pigs of corrupt entities in marvelous state and humble municipalities whose relative smallness and happy parochialisms make them prime candidates for heroic interest in and awareness of the broad swaths of American economic and cultural life.

Federalism means that the evil checks and balances of the primal hordes of national louts working on the primal hordes of local louts …. God gets you to pick yere’ poison and enjoy the demons that attract.

Small groups are prone to undo influence by small cadres of local padrones.  Large groups are prone to the brain dead indifferences of the steam roller.  Pick a winner in the fight for angel.

Kiss the right ring and this is an academic exercise.

Don’t ….. get lost in the swamp.

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