I need be avenged.

I need be avenged.

Its time to vote for the conscience of America and to search the souls of all men true, all women good, and to fight for all choices resplendent that are bastions of the inspired types who represent all the poor, poor  put upon little ole’ me’s as we fight the battles of survival in the mean and dangerous political worlds that only wish to turn me into vapor, dust …. that only wishes victimize me, nullify me, my soul, steal my birthrights, render me abscessed, scorned and taken advantage of.

My dreams, my thoughts, my spheres of influence are not.  They are to be voided.  They are to be nullified.  They are to be taken from me by the hatred of the empty timorous devils who are of an obnoxious stripe, who are of a type resplendent in the vileness of being.

I need be avenged.

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